Newlyweds scribble something on a receipt and the waitress can’t believe when she reads


When Jessica Morris was on her shift working at a restaurant in Centerville, Ohio, Jenny and her spouse sat down in her area.The couple said they were commemorating their honeymoon. Jessica had just gotten married as well. Her spouse, Travis, even set tables in the close by section.

Jessica gagged with the couple, made them cackle and told them to return and see her once more. She presumed they liked their food and had an excellent dining incident.

However, when Jessica checked the couple’s bill, she noticed they cheated her. Additionally, Jenny wrote something on the receipt giving more details. Jessica was surprised that she posted on Facebook to share it with the world.

That is the reason the story became popular quickly, leaving readers all over the country entirely puzzled. This is the most absurd explanation for non-tipping we have come across. Do you concur?

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